Environmental zones in the Netherlands for heavy duty trucks

This site only offers information about environmental zones for heavy duty trucks. In Rotterdam and Utrecht there are also environmetal zones for passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

There are currently 13 cities in the Netherlands that have  introduced environmental zones for heavy duty trucks in their city centres. These cities are Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Breda, Den Bosch, Tilburg, Delft, Leiden, Rijswijk, Maastricht and Arnhem.

Only clean lorries may enter environmental zones. To be clean, diesel lorries weighing over 3,500 kg must comply with the Euro 4 emission standard or higher. Lorries with Euro 0 or Euro 1 or  Euro 2 or Euro 3 engines may not enter environmental zones. Lorries with Euro 4 or Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines may enter environmental zones. The penalty for non-compliance with the admission criteria is € 230.

Environmental zones will help improve air quality in urban areas where the EU-standards for fine particles (PM10) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are being exceeded. 

Environmental zones are marked by a sign which bears the word ‘Milieuzone’ (‘environmental zone’),

Milieuzonebord IN      Milieuzonebord UIT

Kenteken check

Voer hier uw kenteken in en controleer of uw vrachtauto (> 3500 kg) ontheffing heeft voor de milieuzones: